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Appel : Médiévalisme et discrimination

La revue Studies in Medievalism prépare un XXVIIIe volume sur la discrimination.

Though scholars have addressed many examples of medievalist discrimination, much work remains to be done on the treatment of systematically underrepresented and/or disenfranchised communities in postmedieval responses to the Middle Ages.

Moreover, the recent, highly public exchange between Rachel Fulton Brown and Dorothy Kim suggests we, as scholars of medievalism, need to examine discrimination among our own ranks.  What biases are suggested by our choice of topics, our approaches to them, and the fora in which we discuss them?  How are those conversations shaped by publishers, universities, and other institutions that represent the Establishment?  If we wish to expose, subvert, or avoid such prejudices, how can we best do so?

Studies in Medievalism, a peer-reviewed print and on-line publication, is seeking 3,000-word (including notes) essays on these and related questions about medievalism and about the scholarship on it, as well as 6,000 to 12,000-word (including notes) articles on any postmedieval responses to the Middle Ages.  Please send all submissions in English and Word to Karl Fugelso ( by August 1, 2018.  For a style sheet, please visit the website

Image : Djimon Hounsou dans le film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword de Guy Ritchie, 2017