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Parution : Beyond Cadfael. Medieval Medicine and Medical Medievalism

Lucy C. Barnhouse et Winston Black (dir.), Beyond Cadfael. Medieval Medicine and Medical Medievalism, Trivent Publishing, 2023.

Medievalism and medieval medicine are vibrant subfields of medieval studies, enjoying sustained scholarly attention and popularity among undergraduates. Popular perceptions of medieval medicine, however, remain understudied. This book aims to fill that lacuna by providing a multifaceted study of medical medievalism, defined as modern representations of medieval medicine intended for popular audiences. The volume takes as its starting point the fictional medieval detective Brother Cadfael, whose observations on bodies, herbs, and death have shaped many popular conceptions of medieval medicine in the Anglophone world. The ten contributing authors move beyond Cadfael by exploring global medical medievalisms in a range of genres and cultural contexts. Beyond Cadfael is organized into three sections, the first of which engages with how disease, injury, and the sick are imagined in fictitious medieval worlds.  The second, on doctors at work, looks at medieval medical practice in novels, films and television, and public commemorative practice. These essays examine how practitioners are represented and imagined in medieval and pseudo-medieval worlds. The third section discusses medicine designed for and practiced by women in the Middle Ages and today, with a focus on East Asian medical traditions. These essays are guided by the recognition that medieval medical practices are often in dialogue with contemporary medical practices that fall outside the norms of Western biomedicine.


Table des matières

INTRODUCTION. Beyond Cadfael: Identifying and Defining Medical Medievalism. Lucy C. Barnhouse, Winston Black


   CHAPTER 1. “Is It Lupus?” – The Wolf in a Disease, from Metaphor to Medicine. Luke Demaitre

   CHAPTER 2. “Have you Come Here to Play Jesus?”: The Use and the Misuse of Medieval Leprosy in Modern Media. Courtney A. Krolikoski

   CHAPTER 3. The Fantasy of Medieval Medicine: Orientalizing Experiential and Textual Traditions in the Imagined Medieval Past. Robin S. Reich

   CHAPTER 4. Drinking the Word of God: Modern Science and Reconfigurations of Islamic Healing in Contemporary Egypt. Ana Vinea



   CHAPTER 5. Early Medieval Surgery: Challenging Popular Stereotypes with Archaeological Evidence. Claire Burridge

   CHAPTER 6. Avicenna, Prince of Physicians, and Modern Political Medievalism. Winston Black

   CHAPTER 7. Mysteries and Medicines: Medieval Medical Practitioners in Crime Fiction. Lucy C. Barnhouse


   CHAPTER 8. How to Treat a Woman’s Cold and Porous Body: Mugwort Fumigation for Fertility in Medieval and Modern Folk Medicine of Western and Asian Cultures. Minji Lee

  CHAPTER 9. For to Cause a Woman to Have Milk: Recipes to Promote Lactation for Medieval and Modern Women. Kristin Uscinski

   CHAPTER 10. The Art of Giving Birth in Middle Period China. Wee Siang Margaret Ng




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Parution: The Middle Ages in Modern Culture

Karl Alvestad et Robert Houghton (dir.), The Middle Ages in Modern Culture. History and Authenticity in Contemporary Medievalism, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2021.

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Table des matières