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Rosine Huguet (Le Mans Université)

Rosine Huguet est doctorante en Littérature Comparée à Le Mans Université. Après des études universitaires sur la chanson de geste et les Miracles et Mystères, et une carrière dans l’enseignement, elle débute en octobre 2023 une thèse, « La construction du savoir dans les cycles d’apprentissage pour la jeunesse en regard d’un lectorat évolutif, dans The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Les Chroniques des Crépusculaires, Harry Potter et Tara Duncan, sous la direction de Nathalie Prince et Justine Breton.

Axes de recherche :  littérature médiévale, histoire littéraire, littérature de jeunesse, cycles et séries fantasy, genres de l’imaginaire.

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Parution : 21st Century Medievalisms

Karl Christian Alvestad (dir.), 21st Century Medievalisms. Between the Global and Individual, Trivent Publishing, 2023.

21ST CENTURY MEDIEVALISMS. BETWEEN THE GLOBAL AND INDIVIDUAL is an edited volume consisting of 14 chapters by scholars interested in contemporary medievalisms across the world. It is a timely contribution to the growing scholarship on medievalisms offering chapters that consider both the individual experiences of medievalisms, as well as those of societies and cultures at large. The chapters of the book are grouped into three parts, the first explores stereotypes and myths in medievalisms; the second examines medievalisms that speak to particular communities and audiences; and the third studies how medievalisms are impacted by or stimulate conversations of politics and gender. These chapters all reflect a growing interest in medievalisms, and the appreciation of how they are present, materialise and evolve in different contexts and offers insights into medievalisms in politics, popular culture, social activism and more. Throughout the book, examples and case studies demonstrate how medievalisms in the modern age are at times individual experiences, at other times global phenomena and sometimes are in between. Therefore these medievalisms can speak to different audiences at the same time, showcasing how the Middle Ages and their memory continue to be a pertinent topic of study within the wider field of medieval studies.

Table des matières

INTRODUCTION by Karl Christian Alvestad

CHAPTER 1. Medievalist Comic Book Characters and Their Feminist Readers. Elizabeth Allyn Woock

CHAPTER 2. Are Pigs Pink? Cinematic Perceptions of the Medieval Past. Francis Mickus

CHAPTER 3. Re-imagining Historical Fighting: Knights in Medievalism. Jürg Gassmann

CHAPTER 4. Dark Medieval Times: Violence and Darkness in Black-Metal Medievalism. Dario Capelli

CHAPTER 5. Crusading as Damnation, Killing for Salvation Crusading Ideology and Ludonarrative Dissonance in Dante’s Inferno. Juan Manuel Rubio Arévalo

CHAPTER 6. French Cultural Exception: When King Arthur Does Not Cross the Borders. Justine Breton

CHAPTER 7. The Witcher: Visions of a Shifting Europe. Meg Feller

CHAPTER 8. Medieval Love Through Centuries from Far East to Far West in Romanesque, by Tonino Benacquista. Leticia Ding, Philippe Frieden, Stefania Maffei Boillat

CHAPTER 9. Medievalism, Philosophers, and Medievalists in the Twenty-First Century in Peru: From the Forgotten Image to New Perspectives. Jean Christian Egoavil

CHAPTER 10. The Use of Political Neomedievalism in Spain. Álvaro Garrote Pascual

CHAPTER 11. The Black Veil of Freedom: Widows Beyond Westeros. Dawn A. Seymour Klos 

CHAPTER 12. The Frozen Middle Ages: Elsa as a Contemporary Joan of Arc? Andrea Maraschi

CHAPTER 13. Beyond the Bounds of Camelot and Hogwarts: The Medieval Quest Becomes Political Activism Through Harry Potter. Monica J. Stenzel, Josephine C. Stenzel

CHAPTER 14. Memories of the Medieval in the Age of White Supremacy. Leland Renato Grigoli


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