Appel: The Green Knight

Dans le cadre du 57e International Congress on Medieval Studies organisé en ligne du 9 au 14 mai 2022, une table ronde sera consacrée au film de David Lowery The Green Knight, mobilisant les catégories et concepts étudiés dans le volume collectif dirigé par Elizabeth Emery et Richard Utz, Medievalism: Key Critical Terms (2014).

Les propositions sont attendues pour le 15 septembre 2021.

This roundtable seeks participants to identify and discuss an element of Lowery’s long-anticipated film, staring Dev Patel. In short presentations (10 minutes), panelists are invited to consider an element of the film in light of a focal keyword inspired by Medievalism: Key Critical Terms (E. Emery, R. Utz, eds., 2014), including: archive, authenticity, authority, Christianity, co-disciplinarity, continuity, feast, gender, genealogy, gesture, gothic, heresy, humor, lingua, love, memory, middle, modernity, monument, myth, play, power, presentism, primitive, purity, race, reenactment, resonance, simulacrum, spectacle, transfer, trauma, and troubadour. 

Submissions of 250-300 WORDS should be made via the Confex Online System no later than Wednesday 15 September 2021. This session is listed under “Session Selection: Roundtables.”

Queries about the session can be sent to Valerie Johnson (vjohnso6 [at] and/or Renée Ward (rward [at]

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