Appel: The Middle Ages in Asian Popular Culture

Appel à communication pour la session “Reshaping the Middle Ages in, and through, Asian Popular Culture“, proposée par l’Association for the Advandement of Scholarship and Teaching of the Medieval in Popular Culture, et l’association Mutual Images, dans le cadre du colloque international en ligne “Medievalism Today” (36th Annual International Conference on Medievalism; Delta College, Michigan).

Date de la conférence (en ligne): 4-6 novembre 2021

Date limite de soumission: 30 juin 2021

As medievalists and medievalismists, we often focus our attention on the reception of the Middle Ages in Europe and the Americas; however, medievalism is both an international and a transnational phenomenon, and one that is especially prevalent in Asian popular culture. Anime, collectible card games, light novels, manga, video games, visual novels, and related media have had an incredible impact on the world, but few medievalists have explored how this material has adapted and/or appropriated material like the Arthurian tradition, Beowulf, the life and writings of Dante Alighieri, the hero stories of medieval Ireland, the life of Joan of Arc, Norse mythology, tales of Robin Hood, narratives of Viking exploration, and legends of Vlad the Impaler. Fewer still have explored the impact of the phenomenal spread of these texts across the globe and their impact on creating perceptions about the medieval world. It is our intent with this session to allow consumers of these media to share their knowledge and passion with fellow enthusiasts of the medieval. We also hope that a collection of essays will result from this session.

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